Wisdom of Agastya


Wisdom of Agastya was designed and produced by Vasant Nayak and his team, with the financial support of the MurthyNAYAK Foundation. The team is comprised of Shay Taylor and Vijay Nayak from the United States, and Senthil Kumar in India. Subramanya Shastry and Shibu Shankaran of the Agastya International Foundation leant their support in coordinating logistics, hosting our visits, and locating whatever was needed, whenever we needed it.
We thank Subramanya Shastry for his photographic contributions and for locating photos from the Agastya archive. We would like to acknowledge our dear friend Ajit Baliga, who was an integral part of our team and passed away in 2010. We are constantly in awe of the dedication of Agastya’s teachers and of the joy of the children of rural India. Though most of our time is spent back at our full-time jobs and with our families, scarcely a day goes by that we do not fondly recall everyone at Agastya. We appreciate the work that they do, and we are indebted to them for changing our lives for the better.
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