Short Films

Here are a few short films made for non-profits in India.


Work an Hour

Description: Depicting how easy it is to spend money regularly on frivolities, the Work-an-Hour program asks donors to contribute an amount equal to what they earn in one hour of work. The film illustrates how far small amounts go toward changing the lives of children in India.


Women Off the Map

Description: This film illustrates how women have been off the map in terms of recognition for their contributions and their potential. The filmmakers found the women in Neemrana have managed to usurp their place as valuable members of society, although Neemrana itself is off the map.


Spirit of Agastya

Description: This film documents Agastya Foundation’s efforts at ‘sparking curiosity’ in India’s rural children. Over 50 of their mobile labs travel more than 600,000 kilometers per year taking low-cost experiments and lessons in science, math, ecology, and art to children in remote rural areas. The Agastya campus is a 172-acre facility visited by over 500 children per day. Agastya International Foundation is headquartered in Bangalore, India.