MurthyDotCom & Murthy Law Firm

Since 1994, the Murthy Law Firm has provided the immigrant community with a virtual town square to meet, discuss, and learn what is current and factual in U.S. immigration law. The free services provided by the our firm generously explain the nuances and complexities of U.S. immigration law in a variety of online media.

MurthyDotCom avails itself of the newest technologies to bring information and answers to those who need them, by the methods most convenient – a wealth of useful and free information at one’s fingertips.

MurthyDotCom is the brainchild of Vasant, who left a thriving teaching career in the field of digital arts to support the Murthy Law Firm and its online presence. Prominent in all decisions regarding operations, organization, marketing, and branding, Vasant has been ever-present in the Murthy Law Firm and MurthyDotCom. Since its 1994 launch, the website has grown with the times, receiving honors and accolades every step of the way – possibly complimented most for its logic and ease of navigation. Thanks to Vasant, Sheela Murthy’s husband, MurthyDotCom is a leader among websites offered by lawyers worldwide, with online services like a weekly chat, forum, audio and video archives, blog, and social media. The free distribution of the weekly eNewsletter to tens of thousands of subscribers each week is a fulfillment of his early vision – to earn the trust of immigrants by providing them with reliable, timely, useful information, explaining the law, their legal rights and responsibilities.

Vasant facilitated the development of the firm’s own custom-built software, making the best use of technology for the specific needs of the Murthy Law Firm. Tailored to combine the needs of a mid-size business, (HR, accounting / billing, case management, document creation, etc) with the requirements of the immigration process (online access for clients, form filling, document approval, client communication, and more). Vasant is also developing other business software to improve the convenience and efficiency of communication and scheduling. Affiliate offices of the Murthy Law Firm in Chennai and Hyderabad, India were set up by Vasant to more firmly establish a presence in Southern India for the benefit and convenience of the firm’s clients.

Nayak’s unique perspective, philosophy, and vision, have proven both valuable and essential to the success of MurthyDotCom and the Murthy Law Firm. His interests have come full circle through the fine arts and returned to the practical applications of media, technology, and marketing with a fresh vantage point.

Vasant Nayak: Technology & Online Consultant

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Immigration Matters Inc.

This company produces enterprise quality software with integrated modules for case management, scheduling, billing, HR and other regular office functions for medium to large sized law firms. Immigration Matters Inc. also provides consulting and production services for website design, online community building, marketing, design and photography. Vasant Nayak is the Owner & President of this company.